The original $dogwifhat coin

The mind behind the viral dogwifhat meme steps in and rolls out the official $dogwifhat coin. Scroll down for the real lore on the history of the meme & tokenomics.

Uniswap LP: 90M (90%)

Charity: 5M (5%)

Team/marketing: 5M (5%)

The origin of dogwifhat

A single image can spark a movement. This is the story of dogwifhat , a meme that evolved into a symbol of unity in the community. At the heart of this is , the pioneering spirit behind the dogwifhat meme.

The story starts 4 years ago... Strap in.

November 6, 2019
Dogwifhat originated when Issa set his Twitter profile picture as a Shibu Inu Dog. The Shibu Inu Dog you all know as dogwifhat.



 · Nov 20, 2019

dogwifhat taking over

November 20,  2019
This quickly went from an image with no meaning, to a meme spread throughout the community as huge online personalities and gaming organizations changed their Twitter profile picture to the same dogwifhat image.
November - December
The founder of this meme, Issa, inspired a wave of profile picture changes across Twitter, fostering a sense of belonging and community among gamers and beyond. A significant number of users changed their profile pictures to dogwifhat.
dogwifhat on KnowYourMeme
December 27, 2019
Here are some of the major eSports organizations and high-profile gamers and celebrities that hopped on the trend and changed their profile pictures to the dogwifhat meme.
The real $dogwifhat would be launched through the original dogwifhat twitter, but unfortunately the twitter was suspended for an unknown reason years ago.
2020 and beyond
dogwifhat x youtooz collaboration



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4:56 p.m. · 18 jan. 2021

The Dogwifhat meme continued to be popular online and began influencing the cryptocurrency market. It inspired the creation of a Solana-based meme coin, also named Dogwifhat, which showed significant growth in the crypto market.
has no affilation with the current $wif coin nor does he have bad blood, but it is now time for the real $dogwifhat.